The Importance of Spray Foam Insulation in Commercial Buildings

Most provinces in Canada have a number of regulations and codes governing the installation of commercial insulation, so it’s an actual requirement almost everywhere in the country. However, there are more reasons that you should be insulating your commercial building rather than just to be in compliance with local or federal codes. Some of the most important reasons for having high-quality insulation installed in your commercial buildings are described below.

When you consider the advantages provided by this high-quality insulation, you’ll realize how important it can be to have it installed in your commercial buildings. One of the premier vendors of this kind of commercial (and residential) foam insulation is Efficiency Spray Foam Insulation, serving all of Toronto and the greater Toronto Area. Contact us at (647) 390-7273 for a consultation or a quote on a project you have in mind.

Reduce noise from internal and external sources

Most people don’t want to spend any length of time in a place that’s really noisy. Research has shown that noise which is continuous or excessive can negatively impact the well-being and the productivity of your employees. By insulating your building, you’ll be able to reduce the noise that gets transmitted from exterior sources, as well as noise passed from room to room internally. This noise-absorbing insulation will help to keep all rooms inside your commercial building much quieter, and it will allow your employees to stay more comfortable and more productive.

Creating a comfortable environment

It can be really important to have just the right temperature established in each of the rooms of your commercial building. Any room where your employees spend a good deal of time that’s too cold or too hot can cause employee dissatisfaction and discomfort. In order to avoid this situation, you should invest in appropriate commercial spray foam insulation and air sealing between all the rooms of your commercial building. Keep in mind that simply meeting code for your building isn’t enough to guarantee that all the rooms in the building will be comfortable and provide a satisfactory work environment for your employees. There’s a whole different standard when it comes to employee comfort than there is for building compliance for that reason, it’s important that you strive to establish the most comfortable settings for your commercial building.

Lowering your energy bills

Depending on the particular season of the year, your HVAC system may have to work a lot harder to heat or cool the interior areas of your commercial building, especially if it isn’t properly insulated. Any building which lacks the appropriate level of insulation will generally have higher energy bills, because HVAC systems will be obliged to work much harder to establish comfortable temperatures. When you add the appropriate amount of insulation to your commercial building, energy consumption will be lowered, and your utility bills will follow suit. You should also be aware that for all real estate transactions, energy scores are released to the public, along with specific ratings associated with them. That means you can increase interest from potential tenants or buyers, and stand out from the competition, by installing the appropriate level of insulation in your commercial building.

Foster sustainability

In addition to making your commercial building more comfortable and better insulated, providing the right level of insulation will also be an environmentally-friendly act. Carbon dioxide emissions will be lowered, and potential buyers and tenants will be attracted by the green spaces you’ve created inside your building. Another aspect of sustainability that might interest you is the increased profitability from a commercial building that’s well-insulated. When you have your commercial property insulated with sustainable materials, you’ll be eligible to apply for LEED certification. Several reports on the real estate market have indicated that tenants are quite often willing to pay as much as $3 more per square foot for a building that has LEED-certified space.

Increased protection against fires

Fires can start in any part of a building, and in any building whatsoever. However, when you have your building properly insulated, it can go a long way toward containing the fire, and preventing its spread from one room to the next. This will also limit potential structural damage, as well as the possibility of injuries related to the fire. You’ll also want to provide extra protection for the building occupants, to give them a little bit more time to escape the fire, and leave the building unscathed. This is one more great reason to have the appropriate insulation installed in your commercial building. Need commercial spray foam insulation in Toronto and the Greater Toronto area? Call today at (647) 390-7273 or visit our website:

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