Spray Foam Insulation For your Home: The Superior Solution

There are many ways you can insulate your home, but one of the very best is by using spray foam insulation. The process was first introduced in the 1980’s, and it has been getting better ever since. People living anywhere in the Greater Toronto Area can avail themselves of the services of Efficiency Spray Foam Insulation, one of the leading companies in Canada for having this product applied. The company handles both commercial and residential jobs, so everyone can be accommodated. Below, you’ll find some of the benefits delivered by this superior insulating product.

Improves indoor air quality 

One of the best things about using spray foam insulation is its ability to limit indoor allergens such as dust, mildew, mold, and other potential pollutants. Because it minimizes the volume of pollutants in your home, it’s one of the best products for household members suffering from asthma or any kind of respiratory disorder. It releases no chemical contaminants into the air, and effectively blocks the transmission of pollutants through the walls of your home.

It minimizes moisture 

Water can easily seep into your home via vents and pipes, and once it gets in, it can cause rotting and spur the growth of mold. Ordinary insulation becomes useless when it gets wet, but spray foam remains effective whether it gets wet or not, so it can stand up to any conditions. All those nooks and crannies where water might seep in get penetrated by spray foam insulation, so water has nowhere to go.

Improves comfort of household members 

There are typically no temperature fluctuations in a building where spray foam insulation has been installed. That prevents drafts from coming into play, so your family members won’t have to endure them around the house. This product creates an air-tight seal, and that keeps the building dry, warm, and as comfortable as possible for occupants. Other insulating products cannot create this seal because they simply don’t stick to all surfaces as effectively.


Delivers additional strength to a building 

The powerful adhesive qualities of spray foam insulation allow it to impart additional strength to a building’s structure. Because it acts to glue building components together, it effectively adds strength and stability to any building where it’s installed. It also helps to protect against humidity and wind, and makes your floors, ceilings, and walls stronger in the process.

It’s long-lasting  

Most traditional types of insulation lose their effectiveness over time, but spray foam insulation will be just as strong several decades after being installed. There are only two ingredients used to produce this insulation, isocyanate and polyurethane, and when they combine, they form a powerful barrier against all kinds of unwanted materials. Once the product cures in place, it will never lose its shape regardless of external influences.


Everyone wants their building to be green these days, as we all recognize the need for conserving resources and being kinder to the environment. Spray foam insulation is a product which helps the environment considerably, because it allows you to draw less energy, and it conserves the energy you do use. Every little bit helps, and this product is extremely good at accomplishing more with less.

Easy installation 

One of the major reasons for the popularity of spray foam insulation is the ease at which it can be installed. Regardless of the time of year, it’s very easy to install the product, and it will easily reach all nooks and crannies without having to go to extra lengths to make it happen. A spray foam gun is used to apply it, and it pushes into all areas to provide comprehensive protection to your building.

Sound reduction 

Spray foam insulation is excellent at muffling sounds, so you won’t have to hear what’s going on in the next room, or on the next floor. If you live in a noisy neighborhood, this can be a godsend, since the insulation will drown out the intrusive noises. After installation, the foam absorbs sound waves and it will actually cause the walls of your home to become soundproof. If you’re a person who values their privacy and appreciates peace and quiet, this is the product you should be using for insulation.

It saves money 

Any home that doesn’t have spray foam insulation installed, is probably paying too much for heating and cooling. Because of its extraordinary insulating capabilities, it can retain conditioned air better, thus reducing your energy usage. Because spray foam insulation expands into all cracks and openings, it effectively seals the building against losing conditioned air, and over a period of time, this can result in significant savings. Contact Efficiency Insulation team today for a free consultation: https://efficiencyinsulation.ca

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